Why Are My Websites Never Finished?

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Why Are My Websites Never Finished?

I have built a number of websites over the last few years. Some are still running, some are dead and gone, but they have all had one thing in common.

Not one of them has ever been finished.

Perhaps I should define what I mean by finished, in this context. The sites all work (or worked) perfectly well, and have all done exactly what they were meant to do, but somehow I am never completely satisfied with them. I make constant changes to the ones currently in use, spending hours doing so, but anyone visiting the site would have no idea that anything is different, because it isn't!

All the changes I make leave the basic look of the site the same, I just have to keep tinkering with the code to make it 'better'. Exactly the same stuff appears on the screen, in exactly the same places, but the way it gets there constantly changes. The way this site works has changed over and over again, and I only started work on it on 4th January 2015 (It's now 12th January 2015).

It's not just my websites, of course. I've got a few programs (I suppose I'll have to start calling them apps at some point) that I've written in Visual Basic 6, and the same thing happens with them. Every so often, usually about 4.30am, I get a sudden flash of inspiration, and realise that I could add yet another function to one of my programs, all of which have been working perfectly well for months, or in some cases, years. Inevitably, nothing else around the house gets done for the next week, until the new idea has become reality.

Then it all happens again!

I suppose nothing much will change until my websites and programs all consist of a single green button, marked 'Go', which will automatically do whatever the user wants it to do, without needing any code at all.

like this one.

Go on, click it. You know you want to....

Obviously, at that point I will start trying to work out how it could be done without needing the button....