Conspiracy Theories Are On The Internet So They Must Be True.

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Conspiracy Theories Are On The Internet So They Must Be True.

The internet has produced some strange groups of people.

One group seems to spend the whole time inventing and spreading bizarre and fantastic conspiracy theories about everything and everybody, especially anyone in any position of authority. Among the more common conspiracy theories we are asked to believe are the following selection, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, more.

The attacks on the World Trade Center weren't carried out by terrorists controlled by Osama Bin Laden. None of the videos that show aircraft crashing into the Twin Towers were filmed by members of the public on their cameras and mobile phones, they were all faked by the US government, who arranged the deliberate demolition of the World Trade Center as a propaganda exercise to give them an excuse to go to war against Osama Bin Laden and his followers.

ISIS is not an Islamic organisation. It was set up by, and is controlled by, the United States government, or the government of Israel, or both.

NASA 'doctors' all the photographs they publish, to remove any evidence of the alien artifacts that exist on the Moon, Mars, and all the other places in the Solar System that have been photographed by astronauts or robot space craft.

Astronauts from the USA never landed on the Moon. The whole thing was staged in a desert somewhere in America, probably Nevada. Apparently the governments of all the countries in the world were aware that the radio signals from the spacecraft were being faked, but they were all involved in the giant American led conspiracy to deceive the ordinary common people of the world. Russia was bribed to keep quiet about the deception by being given thousands of tons of grain to feed their starving millions, an amazing, and barely believable, act of charity, coming as it did at the height of the Cold War, when Russia and America were poised on the brink of a nuclear war.

The Nazis, and the Grey Aliens, and the Reptilians, have bases on the Moon, because the bases can be seen in photographs taken during the Moon landing missions, and photos taken by the astronauts show various bits of evidence of aliens being on the Moon too. Presumably those photos were taken by the astronauts who never actually went to the Moon in the first place. Ooops! Slight continuity error there, but keep going, and hopefully nobody will notice.

The Earth is hollow, and people live inside it, and apparently there is a miniature sun at the centre to provide warmth and light.

The Illuminati, the New World Order, Grey Aliens, the US government or Majestic 12, or perhaps all of them, are engaged in a program to depopulate the Earth by poisoning everyone with chemicals sprayed from aircraft in the form of Chemtrails, which most sane people call vapour trails.

There are hundreds or even thousands more similar conspiracy theories floating around, and the conspiracy theory groups distribute them via the internet, where they spread like wildfire, especially via UFO and Paranormal related sites.

There is another huge group of terminally gullible people, who read this bulls**t on the internet, and believe it, and pass it on, claiming that it's all true, refusing to listen to reason from anyone who disputes it.

Let me ask you a question at this point. Have you, or has anyone else, ever heard of a conspiracy theory involving a non Western nation? Maybe one involving Russia, perhaps, or China? Go on, have a good long think about it. Can you think of one?

No, nor can I. Does that perhaps suggest where the conspiracy theories might be coming from?

Of course, I have just introduced a new conspiracy theory, haven't I? I bet that one won't be believed, of course.

Anyway, I must go and check if the word 'Gullible' really has been removed from all dictionaries.

That's true, you know. Somebody told me.

That article was inspired by a thread on A Bit Of This, And A Bit Of That, one of a number of forums I visit. The article is a revised and expanded version of my post on that thread.