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2015-01-05 - Some advice on How To Screw Up A Perfectly Good Forum - which you own.
2015-01-06 - Ley Lines and UFOs - are they linked?
2015-01-07 - The Problem with Vulcan XH558.
2015-01-08 - How I Got In A Flap Over Ornithopters.
2015-01-12 - Why Are My Websites Never Finished?
2015-01-13 - Have You Seen The Size Of Model Aircraft Nowadays?
2015-01-14 - I Don't Remember Saying That....
2015-01-16 - Things I'm interested in and will probably write about at some point.
2015-01-18 - The Moon Landings Were Faked, Weren't They?
2015-01-22 - Why On Earth Did I Bother With UFO Forums?
2015-01-31 - What Am I Trying To Do Here?
2015-02-01 - The Golden Age Of Science Fiction Is Thirteen.
2015-02-03 - Will The 2015 Formula One Season Be A Bit More Interesting than 2014?
2015-02-12 - Bob's Your Uncle, And Fanny's Your Aunt.
2015-02-13 - You Should Of Learnt To Read Books.
2015-02-14 - Hello, This is Microsoft Service Department. Your Computer Is Sending Viruses.
2015-02-16 - The Lord of the Rings, that's all about fairies isn't it?
2015-02-19 - I don't know how I found time to go to work.
2015-03-03 - Note to Self - Shut Up and Listen.
2015-03-17 - Sir Terry Pratchett Will Live On Through The Clacks.
2015-03-18 - Why Are Online Forums So Popular?
2015-03-21 - More Memory - Less Space.
2015-04-14 - It's Good To Talk - Or Is It?
2015-04-16 - How Many Times Can You Read The Same Book?
2015-04-22 - Ye Gods, I've Just Seen A UFO !
2015-04-30 - Why Do Roadworks In Ipswich Never Actually Involve The Roads?
2015-05-09 - Why Does The UK Have Such A Stupid Electoral System?
2015-05-15 - Formula 1 Bosses Will Ask Fans What They Should Already Know.
2015-05-26 - Why Don't New Drivers Learn The Basic Driving Skills Off Road?
2015-05-31 - There Must Be Life On Other Worlds, It's Obvious.
2015-06-02 - If You're Looking For A Good Read, Try Terry Pratchett's Discworld Series.
2015-06-17 - Life On Online Forums.
2015-07-07 - Who Do You Think You Are?
2015-07-28 - The Day I Saw A UFO I Couldn't Explain.
2015-08-18 - Do We Really Need Religion To Lead A Decent Life?
2015-08-30 - How I Became An Allotment Holder.
2015-09-17 - Can You Really Have A Serious Discussion On An Internet Forum?
2015-10-08 - Conspiracy Theories Are On The Internet So They Must Be True.
2015-11-30 - What On Earth Is Wrong With My Kindle?
2015-12-31 - Why Is My Email Inbox Always Full To Overflowing?
2016-01-29 - Oh God, My Windows System Won't Boot. I've Lost All My Photos.
2016-02-28 - Call Me What You Like, But Don't Call Me Late For Dinner.
2016-03-30 - How Many People Have Seen The Far Side Of The Moon?
2016-05-12 - How To Back Up Your Documents Using SyncBack Free.
2016-10-13 - OK, The Rosetta Spacecraft Landed On A Comet. So What?

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